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Expertise: Trauma, Foster Care, and
Artistic Expression and Healing 

Transformative Keynote Presentations

With a wealth of experience and a profound passion for advocacy, I bring a unique blend of expertise in trauma, foster care, and artistic expression and healing. Having delivered keynote addresses at over 50 conferences, my presentations resonate deeply, weaving together powerful storytelling with captivating artistic visuals. Each talk is designed to not only inform but also inspire and transform, drawing from my extensive work in fostering resilience and promoting mental health.

Art as a Medium for Storytelling

I have a distinct ability to merge art with narrative, using various mediums to tell stories of resilience and transformation. This approach not only engages audiences but also offers a therapeutic avenue for healing. At events, I offer the opportunity to create an immersive art gallery, showcasing works that reflect themes of trauma, recovery, and hope. These galleries serve as both a visual accompaniment to my speeches and a standalone testament to the power of art in overcoming adversity.

Empowering Youth Through Creative Workshops

In addition to speaking, I am dedicated to nurturing the creative potential of children and youth. I host interactive art workshops tailored for young individuals, providing them with a safe space to explore their emotions and experiences through creative expression. These workshops are designed to empower participants, fostering self-discovery and emotional growth.

Inspiring Action Through Art and Narrative

My mission is to provoke thought, inspire action, and provide tools for healing through the integration of art and narrative, particularly for those impacted by the foster care system. Join me in exploring the transformative power of art and storytelling at your next event.

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