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About Me

From cartoon doodles to abstract expressions, my artistic journey ignited in the heart of Dallas. My teenage years were filled with scribbling characters and worlds, planting the seeds of a creative life. After high school, graphic design blossomed as a passion, leading me to delve into college courses where art and communication intertwined. This became the fertile ground where I discovered a unique voice - abstract portraits and figures, embodying the beauty and complexity of human stories.

Though my path diverged from a formal art or graphics degree, it took a powerful turn towards social work. Earning both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the field led me to a deeply rewarding career supporting children within the child welfare system. Today, my life embraces a beautiful dual rhythm: the quiet, introspective world of artistic creation and the vibrant energy of community service. Both fuel my soul, one channeling raw emotions onto canvas, the other nurturing dreams and resilience in young hearts.




My artistic journey is woven from the intricate threads of personal trauma, societal reflections, and the indomitable spirit of resilience. Within the tapestry of my art, I navigate the depths of personal experiences, particularly those within the child welfare system, unraveling their profound impact on lives and the extraordinary strength that rises from within.

My visual narratives pay homage to the raw vulnerability and unwavering fortitude embedded in these stories. Through my art, I illuminate the universal human capacity for healing and growth, fostering empathy and understanding for experiences often shrouded in silence.

In parallel, I challenge the rigid constructs of conventional beauty. By dissecting societal expectations and norms, I strive to reveal the inherent diversity and unique expressions that reside within each individual. My art celebrates the unconventional and the marginalized, sparking conversations that question the limitations imposed by cultural constraints.

My artistic process embraces a symphony of mixed media, where textures, materials, and symbols interweave, mirroring the multifaceted nature of the themes I explore. This approach allows me to experiment and embrace organic evolution, often leading to unexpected discoveries and profound revelations.

Ultimately, my art aspires to be an invitation to introspection. I hope to inspire viewers to question the status quo, find solace and empowerment in exploring personal narratives, and discover the transformative power of beauty amidst vulnerability. By interlacing these narratives, I aim to create a space where stories are shared, understood, and celebrated, paving the way for collective evolution.

My desire is to ignite meaningful conversations, cultivate empathy, and nurture a deeper understanding of the human experience. I dream of creating a space where resilience is recognized, personal narratives are valued, and viewers are compelled to delve into their own stories and connect with the intricate tapestry that binds us all.




Oct 2023      Group Exhibition, On Mortality, Umbrella Gallery, Dallas, TX

June 2023    Group Exhibition, Sojourn: Focus On the Human Condition, UNT Co-Lab & Envision Arts, Denton, TX

Jan 2023       Group Exhibition, Black + White, Envision Arts, Virtual Gallery

Dec 2022      Group Exhibition, Small Works: On Patience, Art House Dallas, Dallas, TX

Nov 2022      Group Exhibition, Crème de la Crème, Visual Arts Guild Frisco, Frisco, TX

Oct 2022      Group Exhibition, Digital Edition, Downtowner Gallery, Round Rock, TX

Feb 2022.     Group Exhibition, Deep Ellum Arts Festival Present: Sons of Herman Art, Dallas, TX  

Oct 2021       Group Exhibition, Human Form Show, Visual Arts League Allen (VALA), McKinney, TX

Aug 2021       Group Exhibition, Memento: Things That Remind Us Jury Art Show, 9th Street Studios, Wichita Falls, TX 

July 2017       Group Exhibition, Dallas RAW: Fixate, Dallas, TX


Solo Exhibitions

Jun 2024       Solo Exhibition, Listen, Learn, Lead- CREATE, TWU, Denton, TX 

Feb 2022       Solo Exhibition, Dare to Love: A Study of Trauma and Resilience, 9th Street Studios, Wichita Falls, TX


Lectures, Presentations, Workshops

Jun 2024      Workshop Art Facilitator, Art+ Mindful Infusions, TWU, Denton, TX

Jun 2024      Keynote Speaker, Listen, Learn, Lead- CREATE!, TWU, Denton, TX 

Feb 2022      Presenter, A Life Well Documented: Navigating Trauma to Arrive at Resilience, MSU, Wichita Falls, TX

June 2019     Art Facilitator, Children’s Birthday Celebration

March 2017  Art Facilitator, Paving The Way (MHMR), Mental Health Wellness and Art


Juried Experience

Sept 2022     Art Juror, Memento: Art that Reminds Us, 9th Street Studios, Wichita Falls, TX

May 2022     Art Juror, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Presents: Congressional Art Competition, Dallas, TX 


Awards and Recognition

Jan 2023 Honorable Mention, Black + White

Aug 2021      2nd Place, Memento: Things That Remind Us Jury Art Show


Selected TV Press: 

Radio/ Podcast:

Nov 2022      Artist Interview, Texas Barron Podcast


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